Content Marketing

Across six distinct properties, work with our editorial team to drive discoverability, introduce something new, or build audience for your brand, product, series, book or author through content marketing that works. ¬†At OR/M, the difference is in the process: we research what audiences are looking for, develop quality content, and then launch that content powerfully via our content sites, email and social. It’s a coordinated, data- and search-driven approach that’s worked beautifully for our own products, and we’re delighted to apply it to yours.

With a monthly reach of over 2.6 million consumers, and a variety of opportunities including feature length articles, themed lists, exclusive excerpts, giveaways and more, there’s something for everyone.

Our Brands

Early Bird Books
Book deals/recommendations

Reach 1M consumers

Early Bird Books’ news and recommendations newsletter

Reach 200K consumers

The Lineup
True crime, horror, paranormal, creepy, film, TV, culture & books

Reach 750k consumers

The Portalist
Sci-fi & fantasy/books & pop culture

Reach 230K consumers

Murder & Mayhem
Mysteries & thrillers/books & culture

Reach 100K consumers

The Archive
Obscure history/books & culture

Reach 127K consumers

A Love So True
Romance/books & relationships

Reach 86K consumers

All stats as of August 2021.

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