Our unique ability to stimulate consumer demand comes from highly profitable customer acquisition and access to limitless content.

360° Marketing

A premium white glove service where we manage the complete marketing process. A unique rev-share model means we only win when you win.

Ebook Promotions

Feature your books in a newsletter that reaches over 1 million book lovers looking for their next favorite read.

Content Marketing

Showcase your brand, product or creator on one of our targeted digital properties. Smart, search-first, audience-focused opportunities.

Content and Consumers

37,000+ Books

37,000+ highly rated fiction and non-fiction titles

Iconic authors

Bestselling books in all categories

Acquisition is growing at 9k+ books per year

Recurring Revenue

Revenue comes from OR/M authors (5-7 year contracts)

Ignition White Glove (3-year contracts)

ORM Distribution (4-year contracts)

Voracious Readers

30% of customers purchase multiple times

Average 12 purchases per year

Estimated 5+ years lifetime

8-month ROI on acquisition cost


Readers want to discover books

Authors need to attract readers

2.9M readers find new books monthly via OR/M’s proprietary Discovery Engine

How We Do It

Data-Driven Marketing with Technology

Focus resources where they will have the most impact.

Consumer Conversion Tracking

Insights into how consumers are responding to promotions and pricing.

Advertising Performance

Create, automate, and measure campaign performance.

Consumer Discovery

Branded Funnels use organic SEO and social to help customers discover books.

Email Solutions

Cultivate long-term, direct relationships with over 1.2M consumers.

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