Our unique ability to stimulate consumer demand comes from highly profitable customer acquisition and access to limitless content.

How We Do It

Open Road finds the right people for the right books. Through our data-driven marketing, we deliver multi-year recurring revenue for publishers, authors, and estates.

By focusing on backlist titles, the Ignition program is able to stimulate consumer demand through owned channels and in-depth retailer strategy. This precision allows Open Road to generate an average of 100% uplift in revenue for our partners.

From metadata improvements to placements in media, we handle the entire marketing process. Every book has its reader. Open Road finds the paths to those readers and puts your backlist in front of the right purchaser.

Our key strategies:

  • Combining data-driven marketing with technology for support
  • Deep insights into consumer conversion and tracking
  • Automated and measurable campaign performance
  • Enhanced consumer discovery through content brands
  • Long-term, direct relationships with newsletter-based consumers

What We Do For You


When your titles enter the Ignition program, we begin the work of finding the right readers for your titles. From updating metadata to increase discoverability to creating, automating, and measuring campaign performance, the Ignition program allows a focus on backlist titles that is unusual among publishers.

We’ll take the work off your hands—and your books will be delivered into the hands of voracious readers around the world.

50,000+ Books

Increase reviews by average of 96
and ratings by 4%

54,000 titles booked into
campaigns each month

Voracious Readers

30% of customers purchase multiple times

Average 12 purchases per year

Estimated 5+ year lifetime


Readers want to discover books

Authors need to attract readers

2.9M readers find new books monthly

Find out what we can do for your titles. Get in touch.