360° Marketing Services

Our Results

Average Sales Uplift Across All Client Titles

The highest level of Ignition is a “white glove” revenue-share program in which OR/M partners with publishers to manage the complete 360-degree marketing for selected titles. Any revenue OR/M generates that is more than the partner’s baseline revenue is shared between OR/M and the participating publisher. The partner pays nothing for all sales up to the prior year’s baseline results. More than 35,000 titles are currently enrolled in the program. We double sales for our partners’ titles, on average.

White Glove Program Elements

Curated title listings

Powerful consumer outreach vehicles

Direct demand stimulation

Strategic and tactical pricing

Customer segmentation

Content syndication

Marketing copy optimization

Deep publishing and marketing knowledge and experience

What can it mean for you?

Direct Economic Benefits

  • Drive dramatic revenue increases across your backlist titles
    • Multiples of 3X+ possible
    • Incremental revenue for titles that don’t get retail space
  • Demonstrated “halo” effect benefiting authors across other formats and titles
  • Bring new readers to franchises

Strategic Benefits

  • Develop insight and expertise into effective digital marketing
  • Provide best in class metadata
  • Demonstrate to authors and agents a catalog wide commitment to maximizing value

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