Promote Your Book Deal

One of the benefits of being an indie author is controlling the price of your book. And temporarily down-pricing or making your book free can be a great strategy to increase awareness, drive sales, hit the bestseller list, and get your book into the hands of new readers.
This is where Open Road comes in. We feature six newsletters we send out to 2.6 million engaged, highly targeted readers who buy lots of books.
So whether you’re a debut novelist with no sales, or a publishing veteran with a five-book series under your belt, you can easily tap into Open Road’s audiences to give your book a massive promotional push.
The entire process takes less than five minutes.



You decide which newsletter you want your deal promo to run in.



Our simple form will ask for some basic info about your book.



Don’t forget to set your book to the discounted price at selected retailers for the day you chose.



We will email your deal promo to our readers!
If you’re interested in buying multiple promos or exploring a multi-channel marketing campaign, please contact us. Otherwise, feel free to book a promo yourself through the below links.

Reach up to 1.5 million readers interested in multiple genres. EBB is perfect for creating awareness of a new title or series.

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Make your novel stand out with an audience that devours literary fiction, historical fiction, mysteries and more.

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Put your book in front of an engaged and eager audience devoted to all things science fiction and fantasy.

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Find readers who love everything from cozy mysteries to detective fiction to suspense and psychological thrillers.

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Showcase your book to a unique community of readers who love true crime, horror, the paranormal and all things creepy.

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Tap into a devoted and ravenous audience of die-hard romance readers who are passionate about passion.

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Get your book in front of a curious and well-read audience that enjoys all things war, history and travel.

Subscribers: 16,000

Price: $75.00