Web Producer Amanda Yee Receives the Gold Hammer Award

(New York, NY — March 30, 2017) Amanda Yee’s diligence and ability to adapt has directly impacted the increased performance of our newsletter program: her efficient delivery process always keeps up with the growing demand from the marketing team. While OR/M optimizes our strategy for engaging users and growing revenue, Amanda provides the business the flexibility to experiment. Whether expanding the number of titles in the Early Bird Books daily newsletter, or collaborating with our designer, Susan Morrissey, to streamline templates, or tracking DLP changes, she provides a platform for OR/M to prosper. Her technical skills allow the business to grow.

Additionally, Amanda ensures high quality for all of the engaging content on our branded funnels, and her meticulous attention to link tracking allow for proper attribution, which is essential in gaining deeper insights into our business. Her dedication to delivering excellence bolsters OR/M’s success.

Congratulations to Amanda Yee!



The Gold Hammer is a quarterly award for an employee at Open Road Integrated Media who has gone above and beyond the call of duty (someone who is crushing it). Each award comes with a gift card, and possession of the coveted “Gold Hammer”, in recognition of their contributions to the company and the community at OR/M.