Editorial Director Jennifer Jackson Receives the Gold Hammer Award

(New York, NY — March 2, 2017) The Gold Hammer is a monthly award for an employee at Open Road Integrated Media who has gone above and beyond the call of duty (someone who is crushing it). Each award comes with a gift card, and possession of the coveted “Gold Hammer” for one month, in recognition of their contributions to the company and the community at OR/M.

Our inaugural recipient is Jennifer Jackson, the Editorial Director of our web properties. Jen Jackson has represented the voice of The Lineup since its inception in 2014. She has developed a keen understanding of the audience and is able to effectively curate editorial and products for them. This January, she spearheaded a shift for our content sites wherein we moved from an ad-focused revenue model to a branded-funnel strategy. This successful pivot has resulted in more than 1 million users for The Lineup, purely driven by search, social and email. Through smart SEO tactics, including editorial partnerships, all of the traffic to the site was brought in organically.

Additionally Jen has taken on the responsibilities for business development—working hard to create revenue opportunities on the site and in the newsletters. She has also been instrumental in developing third-party partnerships, and has worked diligently to optimize the sale of ebooks on the site, allowing OR/M to also capitalize on affiliate revenue while driving programmatic ad sales with the organic traffic she provides.

Congratulations to Jen Jackson!