Editor David Adams Receives Golden Hammer Award

dave adams(New York, NY — August 14, 2017) David Adams is a tireless and innovative advocate for his Open Road authors, including Joan Didion, Pat Conroy, David Halberstam, Alice Hoffman, and Upton Sinclair. From descriptive copy to cover design to anticipating promotional opportunities, Dave works closely with the copy, art, and marketing departments to ensure that his books are poised for success. He keeps authors and their agents up to date on our efforts and deftly fields all manner of inquiries.

Recognizing that the Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk would lead to a surge of interest in the World War II battle, Dave acquired the print rights to Walter Lord’s The Miracle of Dunkirk and oversaw the repackaging of the ebook with a new cover and search engine-optimized descriptive copy.

Thanks to Dave’s foresight and the fantastic efforts of the production, marketing, and sales teams, The Miracle of Dunkirk became a New York Times bestseller 35 years after its original publication date and reached #5 on Amazon’s Most Sold chart.

Congratulations to David Adams!



The Gold Hammer is a quarterly award for an employee at Open Road Integrated Media who has gone above and beyond the call of duty (someone who is crushing it). Each award comes with a gift card, and possession of the coveted “Gold Hammer”, in recognition of their contributions to the company and the community at OR/M.