Accountant Sona Karamyan Receives the Golden Hammer Award

sona karamyan(New York, NY — May 1, 2017) Sona Karamyan has been a tireless advocate and creator of some our most complex financial systems. She has worked for months to help us create a technologically powered royalty system using a third party platform. The results have been nothing less than sensational. Open Road has a state of the art system that tracks incoming and outgoing payments and in the process saves us scads of money. It makes the authors and agents happy and let’s us automate a big portion of what we used to do by hand. That, in turn, let’s all of us focus on more complex problems.

Congratulations to Sona Karamyan!



The Gold Hammer is a quarterly award for an employee at Open Road Integrated Media who has gone above and beyond the call of duty (someone who is crushing it). Each award comes with a gift card, and possession of the coveted “Gold Hammer”, in recognition of their contributions to the company and the community at OR/M.