Open Road Integrated Media Launches New Logo

New branding and corporate website reflect the evolution of the digital business

(NEW YORK, NY — August 15, 2016) Open Road Integrated Media today introduced new branding for their corporate identity. The logo design embodies the transformation of the growing enterprise, and unites all of the company’s consumer brands under one modern mark.

When it launched in 2009, Open Road Integrated Media’s mission was to be an innovative global ebook publisher, producing and marketing a catalog of works by renowned authors. In recent years, Open Road Integrated Media began to extend its consumer reach with new digital product lines, including the Early Bird Books newsletter for avid ebook readers, and various channels under the The Lineup brand for fans of true crime, horror, the mysterious, and the paranormal.

Creative Product Director Brett Yancy Collins said, “Creating a brand requires careful consideration and purpose, sometimes taking months to come together, but the new Open Road logo almost created itself. Consulting firm Spark 9 created a sketch that became the catalyst for the bold word mark. As soon as I saw the incomplete sketch, I saw the solution in my mind. The final mark has clean, strong lines, forming a powerful silhouette that can be applied across digital and print products.”

One of the more interesting elements of the new visual design is the presentation of the letter ‘I’ for “Integrated,” which now resembles a slash—a symbol critical for web addresses, HTML tags, and code.

Of the new corporate website, Julie Blattberg, VP, Strategic Operations, said, “It’s truly satisfying to see all the creative work we’ve been doing expressed in a clear and modern web experience. I believe that the new site succeeds at articulating who we are, what we do, and where the company is going. Our designer Susan Morrissey did a brilliant job in creating our new B2B calling card.”

The identity of the ebook publishing line, Open Road Media, will continue to be represented by the classic red “O” colophon, which reflects the legacy of great works of literature and the culture of reading.