Eight Riveting Reads From Bestselling Romance Author Suzanne Forster—Now Available As Ebooks

For the first time ever, eight titles by New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Forster are now accessible in digital format. Forster has written more than thirty novels and been the recipient of countless awards, including the National Reader’s Choice award. She became a household name in the genre with the Loveswept release of her books Wild Honey, Wild Child, and The Devil and Ms. Moody. Trademarks to Forster’s success include her forward-looking interest in high concepts and countercultures, as well as the psychological depth and expertise brought to her characters and their love interests.

New in ebook format are the following books by Forster, all originally published through Bantam Publisher’s Loveswept imprint: Wild Honey, Wild Child, The Devil and Ms. Moody, Lord of Lightning, Private Dancer, Child Bride, Night of the Panther, and Surrender, Baby. Each ebook contains an illustrated biography with unseen photographs and documents from Forster’s personal life and distinguished career.

AVAILABLE 9/27/2011

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